PreAgri Project

PreAgri (New Skills Development in Precision Agriculture) is a 2 years long ERASMUS Strategic Partnership project with the participation of 5 countries (Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain and Hungary) aiming to provide trainers in the field of agriculture and farmers with knowledge on precision through an e-learning platform.

PreAgri – New Skills Development in Precision Agriculture

The rationale of the project is based on the European directives and natural needs appearing in the agricultural sector. Since 2011, the term Industry 4.0 was coined as part of growth through digital transformation strategy of the EU, conducting roadmaps to promote the digitalisation of manufacturing. Precision Agriculture uses digital technologies – like Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence – and the similarly named Methodology aims to improve the ability of farmers to upgrade their practices of production. The majority of the workforce in the agricultural sector require additional investment into their training and development in order to adopt modern technologies.

PreAgri project’s goal is to develop training materials in the topic of precision agriculture and as such the partnership will make them available for a wide scale of stakeholders: farmers, technical staff in rural production, agricultural consultants, agriculturalists, VET trainers specialising in rural development – in the 5 partners’ languages and in English.

The project benefits will be the stimulation of farmers and technical staff to cope with the most up-to-date techniques and methodologies concerning the digital farming. Moreover, the development of the curriculum (knowledge and skills needed in the sector) and the e-learning platform based on it will help VET trainers, farmers and agricultural consultants on getting informed, stay up-to-date and share their knowledge with their students, colleagues and other stakeholders in order to achieve more optimised production rates in a sustainable manner. Innovation in education – especially in rural context – leads to a more just, equal Europe, promotes a more resilient population and strengthens the agricultural sector at large.

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