EntrepreNeurs for plasticS’ circUlaR Economy (ENSURE) is a 26 months long ERASMUS Strategic Partnership project with the participation of 7 partners from France, Belgium, Italy, Austria and Hungary aiming to provide VET students, business coaches and future entrepreneurs with knowledge about Circular economy of plastics and managerial skills through interactive e-learning material.

The EU promotes the transition towards circular economy schemes. That transition need to be systemic and not limited to specific sectors or geographical area, moreover, it must affect each part of the production/recycling chain, and most importantly, has to be mainstreamed into education.

As its main goal ENSURE wants to tackle the Environmental and climate goals ERASMUS+ horizontal priority. In particular the project will foster the development of green sectorial skills and methodologies focused on the plastics sector for entrepreneurs and VET trainers as to allow them to become true change factors towards a more sustainable entrepreneurship.

The project has three main objectives:

1. Staple skills such as flexibility, capacity to innovate and ability to learn continuously.

2. Entrepreneurial skills in recognizing and seizing opportunities in circular economy processes. Special focus is on the business cases provided by the plastic industry.

3. Ability to manage (Resilient Management Skills) the adaptation phase of shifting from the classical model (raw material – product – waste) to the new “Circular” model (raw material – product – waste – raw material).

The project aims at bridging the gap of skills related to the creation of new businesses or the reconversion of old ones, in the field of circular economy. The project will identify the most interesting strands in this economic field elaborating different entrepreneurial paths that will be available to business coaches and the trainers will be able to pass on to future entrepreneurs. Then a specific focus will be developed toward the plastics production sector, including a solid background knowledge on recent sustainability questions in a holistic approach.

The project has been officially recognised as “good practice” by the Erasmus+ Agency!

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