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Let us introduce our project team and highlight the added values we bring to your project and partnership based on our personal experience.

Katalin Czippán – project manager, senior sustainability expert

Katalin is educator, having experience in the field of communication and education for sustainable development from nature camps to policy making, from giving lectures to develop communication campaigns; experienced project manager and coordinator of national and international programs and projects. She led the Grant Office of the oldest Hungarian university and functioned as the sustainability Focal Point for Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities. Katalin is an active leader of the Commission on Education and Communication of the IUCN since 2007 and from 2016 she serves as deputy chair.

Zsuzsanna Kray – ERASMUS+ project coordinator and sustainability expert

Zsuzsanna is Environmental Researcher, she has been working in the field of sustainability and its education. For years she has been working in EU funded projects (ERASMUS+ KA2, LIFE, Interreg), she is also official ERASMUS+ evaluator of the National Agency in Hungary. Her experiences lie not only in proposal writing, partnership building, networking and implementation of projects, but creation of Intellectual Outputs such as educational materials, curricula, teaching games in the field of sustainability, climate change, and waste management. Living several years abroad, she gained experience in multicultural environment and since being part of the IUCN CEC worldwide network her range of professional connections opened up to international level.

Daniel Sziva – human ecologist, sustainability expert, senior consultant

He has always been interested in social contexts, the “whys” and the reasons behind our unsustainable lifestyles. Since graduating in Sociology and Human Ecology, he has been working in the field of education and organizational development as a consultant, trainer and sustainability expert. His main area is digital and e-learning content development. He manages development processes and creates educational materials (curricula, teaching games) for various environmental awareness-raising campaigns and science projects. He also holds training sessions for teachers, facilitates workshops, and interactive science classes for children.

As a sociologist (BA) he creates and analyses different kind of surveys (attitude, demand, satisfaction, project evaluation). His latest research was a comparative analysis on ESD in Europe. In relation with the Hungarian “Green Planet” Sustainability Toolkit he analysed the core curricula of 11 European countries. His future Phd subject is pro-environmental behaviour with behavioural design and serious games.

Anna Kiszel – visual communication and general assistant

Anna obtained media and visual communication qualification. After working few years in hospitality industry, she joined the Cz&K Consulting as communication intern. To gaining more experiences she spent a year in a PR communications company, where she created visual designs and performed administrative tasks. From 2021 she is working in Cz&K Consulting in similar position and she taking part in creative brainstorming as well and helping the projects and the organization with visual communication and running the backoffice. Anna like working in a team, because we can complement and inspire each other. Since her early childhood the environment and the nature conservation are very important for her, she was raised in this attitude. Therefore, it is a pleasure to work with professional and environmentally conscious colleges, we support each other and it is a great opportunity for my professional development.

Orsolya Thurzó – project manager and human ecologist

Orsolya is project manager and human ecologist. She is currently involved in the implementation of international projects and the development of specialist materials, and performs professional communication tasks. She earlier worked at several large universities in Budapest, where she gained significant experience in project coordination, international relations and communication. In addition to her work in our company, she organizes and moderates conferences and podium discussions with the participation of renowned universities in the field of environmental sustainability and ecology. She is a member of her city’s Green Roundtable, which works with the local body of representatives.

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